Holidays and Divorce

Divorce and the Holidays

The holiday season is particularly stressful for couples when one or both feel like their marriage is ending. Many people feel the need to put these concerns out of their mind at holiday time to get through the stress and expectations of holidays that we can all relate to. What I mostly hear is that parents who fear that they will have to experience the consequences of divorce want to make it through one last Christmas for their children with the family intact.


As a result, offices like mine often get flooded with requests for preliminary information on divorce right at the conclusion of the holidays. Seeking consultation and having some mental preparation may actually make that last holiday a little less stressful for the spouse who needs to know what to expect if they choose to file for divorce in the new year, and you don’t have to wait in line for the next consult appointment with the attorney who just got the same five calls on the first office day after Christmas. Sometimes, really understanding the choices surrounding filing for divorce might just be what someone needs to look at their situation in a new light and decide NOT to move forward with ending their marriage.  

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