“I found Kathryn great to work with, she has a great balance of directness and empathy in tough discussions.  She guided me through difficult decisions with fairness; helping me balance the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of my case.” -A.W.

“Kathryn Murphy aggressively pursued the fair and appropriate resolution of my complex financial divorce matter involving the division of retirement assets, the division of a pension through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and the refinance of my marital home.” -J.B.

“Kathryn educates her clients about legal issues and outcomes with the sensitivity necessary from a lawyer who deals with people in emotional crisis. Her candor and compassion allowed me to trust her advice and reach the most positive outcome in my divorce.

Kathryn was readily available to me to give me the information and advice I needed to make tough decisions during my divorce. She always acknowledged the emotional difficulties I was experiencing during the process, but she focused my energy on realistic issues that helped me envision a better future after divorce. Kathryn also provided me with referrals to other trustworthy professionals who helped me with practical concerns during my divorce like insurance coverage and financial advice.

Although it was apparent to me that Kathryn is confident and can be tough when necessary, she was always approachable and willing to take the time to truly explain the issues and process in my divorce. I felt that she had great integrity and was always cautious not to waste my resources in unproductive areas of conflict.

Kathryn’s approach to client representation helped me move away from fear towards the knowledge and confidence to feel secure about my future at the end of my marriage.” -K.L.

“Kathryn Murphy embodies the critical characteristics of all truly good family law attorneys.  She's tenacious, knowledgeable, and empathetic.  Kathryn genuinely cares about each of her clients and really engages in every case she handles.” -J.S.