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Facing divorce can feel overwhelming. Kathryn Murphy Esquire, your Maple Grove family law practice, can help you navigate divorce and prepare for life afterwards.

I am happy to say that both me AND my ex-husband survived our legal process. Not only did we survive, we both have a life afterward. Our divorce did not bankrupt us, nor did it destroy the parenting relationship that we continue to this day.
If you’re at that terrible crossroads of divorce, please see Kathryn. She will get you through it. My work with her is proof that it is possible to have a life - and thrive - after divorce.
— Anne
I found Kathryn great to work with, she has a great balance of directness and empathy in tough discussions. She guided me through difficult decisions with fairness; helping me balance the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of my case.
— AW

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With over 15 years of experience, Kathryn is a dedicated family law attorney. Her straightforward and honest style helps you understand when and where its worth the effort to "fight" on issues as she helps you prepare for life after your divorce.


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Ms. Kathryn Murphy was well prepared, highly knowledgeable and trustworthy in Family Law. She provided explanation of realistic expectations and outcomes in regard to child custody, parenting time, and child support. She would advise me in regards to the long tern effects of choices I was having to make. It was nice to know that I could trust my attorney while going though such a painful time in my life. I will always be grateful for her in fighting for my family.
— LF
When I met Kathryn for the first time to help me through my divorce, I knew instantly she was the attorney for me. I told her in no uncertain terms that my children come first. As a mother herself, she understood perfectly.
Kathryn thoroughly explained the process, listened to and answered every question I had. She helped me understand terms that were new to me, expertly interpreting legalese. Her patience is infinite.
I was perfectly prepared for mediation. She sat at my side every moment. She was accommodating when needed, and tough when it was warranted. She handled my emotional mess beautifully.
— AM
Kathryn Murphy aggressively pursued the fair and appropriate resolution of my complex financial divorce matter involving the division of retirement assets, the division of a pension through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and the refinance of my marital home.
— JB

do’s and don’ts during your divorce



Do Document your concerns


Do be honest & upfront


Do keep spending to a minimum



don’t say no to counseling


Don’t confide in your children


Don’t overshare on
social media